2005_11_shanghainy.jpgGothamist was very excited to see that Matt Lauer was in Shanghai, for his November sweeps month get-me-away-from-Katie working vacation/ biological clock experiment, Where in the World is Matt Lauer? To make scary, Communist China accessible to the West, Matt explained that Shanghai is growing so fast, and referred to a graphic showing that there are twice as many skyscrapers in Shanghai than New York, 4000 to NYC's 2000, even though Shanghai is a relatively young city (around the same "age" as Los Angeles). Yay, morning world urban history! Then we turned to Fox 5 to see where Mike Woods might be, given his Where in the World is... Mike Woods? spoof on Good Day New York. But, alas, Mike was not in Chinatown or Flushing, but in Chelsea, making chocolate with Francois Payard. And, augh! The Today show has set Maria Meneunos on the people of Shanghai, doing a lifestyle piece - we're sorry, Shanghai.

Since the Today show team only had a couple hours in Shanghai, we doubt that they will get to experience China's glittering waterfront city, but you can, in a way, by reading our site, Shanghaiist. Why, only yesterday the police announced they were concerned about terrorists bombing hotels and the day before Shanghainese had to battle through huge tennis balls on the streets. The NY Times also has an interactive feature about Shanghai.