New York is literally brimming with Tobey Maguire sightings this week. Apparently Spiderman 3 is shooting around town, and we've been receiving dozens of sightings and reports. Today, Brian Van sent in this shot, along with a report:


I'll give you the straight dirt on him:
Tiny. Generally nice to fans with one exception: Acts like a big dick to anyone who looks like a paparazzi, including normal citizens with fancy cameras. Somewhat understandable, but still...

He quite rudely denied a photo op for me up-close when everyone else was getting one. Completely didn't acknowledge me as if I were a paparazzi and not one of the neighbors. (I repeat: he signed autographs and posed for pics with everyone else.) His bodyguard was in on it too, singling me out for being a threat amongst a crowd of bystanders. All assurances otherwise fell on deaf ears, cause they didn't believe I wasn't a paparazzi.

Because he was a jerk to me just for the fact that I was carrying a D70 and not a Coolpix, I simply waited for my time to get a good picture of him on the film set. They're filming in my neighborhood, so I'll take whatever pics I want. Screw him. And I eventually got this pic. Can't hide from the camera forever, you know.

Here's another shot from Test of Will, who followed the production all over the West Side:


Still hungry for more? Flickr has 300+ Spiderman 3 shots.