2007_04_quarter.pngTwo weeks ago, Post announced that it was raising its price from 25 cents to 50 cents, with the change going into effect this week. Gawker noticed that a camera crew was filming the new price change for the paper, but NY1 found that the Daily News lowered its price to 25 cents for the week! So sneaky - we almost expect Rupert Murdoch (whose News Corp owns the Post) to visit Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman with a sock full of quarters!

NY1 also got these comments from people buying their papers:

"I'm still a Post fan. I'll pay the extra quarter, like everyone else I'm sure will,” said one reader. “We'll all complain, but we'll all stay pay for it."

“I don't think that the difference between 25 cents and 50 cents is enough to get me to switch,” added another.

There's a Times Select article about the Post's decision to raise prices: "raising the newsstand price might help stem the paper's losses, estimated to be about $70 million a year."

We have a feeling most people we know will stick to reading the Post either online or over someone's shoulder on the train.