With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the Daily News sees whether or not those roses at bodegas you get for $12 (even $6 in some cases) can stand up to considerably more expensive roses. Four women were asked guess which was the $48 bouquet and which was the cheaper bodega spray, which had some additional baby's breath and foliage. And in this highly unscientific test, it turns out that women can't tell, as two women guessed correctly and two others didn't. While red roses on Valentine's Day are nice, they can also be played out. Be bold, be original and pick something different. What are your Valentine's Day flora suggestions?

And Gothamist's stance on bodega flowers is that they are a great go-to gift for a party, but if you have a little extra time and money, and should the occasion warrant it, a more professional arrangement is always nice to give and receive. Some of our favorite florists are Gotham Gardens on the Upper West Side and Bloom in Midtown East. But at the end of the day, any flowers are welcome. They are so welcome that they stay in the vase for way too long, as we live in fear of dumping out their manky water.