Music nerds and music nerds with kids, rejoice: They Might Be Giants is playing a far-too-infrequent pair of shows for kids this Sunday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, one at 12:30 p.m. and another at 3:30 p.m.

TMBG, "arguably the best pop band Brooklyn has produced in the last 30 years" according to, uh, Gothamist, does not dumb down their music for kids, but simply makes brilliant melodies with kid themes. (For those without ankle biters, that's what kindie rock is.)

When we spoke to John Linnell in 2008 about their child-friendly creative process works (they had already released kids' albums No! and Here Come the ABCs and were about to release Here Come the 123s), he said, "In general we apply the same aesthetic to the kids’ material as to the adult material, which is to say we just do something that mainly we like - and obviously it has to be appropriate for kids. But I don’t think we’ve tried to alter our notion of what’s good. I think we feel the stuff that’s at the core of what we like is something adults and kids can both get." Here Come the 123s earned TMBG a Grammy Award.

We hear that TMBG will be playing songs from No!, Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s and Here Comes Science PLUS "some all time TMBG favorites." Also: "Expect confetti and foam fingers." Tickets are $25 each, but there's a $90 Family Fun pack for four tickets.

My daughter, husband and I have listened to a lot of TMBG children's songs. Here are some of our favorites (we really like the math and science ones):

From No!, "Where Do They Make Balloons?":

From Here Comes Science, "The Bloodmobile"—my daughter now understand how the heart works and what blood actually does!

Also from Here Comes Science, "Meet the Elements," which is my favorite; there's something a little wistful in it:

From Here Come the ABCs, "Alphabet Lost and Found":

From Home Come the 123s, "813 Mile Car Trip":

And did you see how TMBG covered Destiny's Child "Bills Bills Bills"? Maybe they'll do "Bootylicious" if you ask nice: