2006_11_arts_tvotr.jpgAh, the end of the year is upon us...and that means one thing: end of the year lists. Information Leafblower is a little ahead of the game and has posted his fourth annual "Top 40 Bands In America (As Voted On By A Bunch Of Effing Music Bloggers That Only Listen To Cooler Than You Guitar Based Indie Rock And Not Much Else)" list.

You can get the full list here. New York bands TV on the Radio and The Hold Steady hold the #1 and #2 spots. Non-New Yorkers, but Chris Ott fave, The Decemberists, came in at #3. And we're very happy to see Grizzly Bear at #11 (listen here). Actually, we would have been happier to have seen them up a little higher (we love us some Grizz). Other New York notables on the list: Bob Dylan and The National.

Who's on your list?