Walking around town the last few days, we've noticed a bunch of recently defaced streetart pieces. These might be the work of The Splasher, but if you look closely, you can see that something has changed: the paint has been applied with a brush! That's right-- either the Splasher needs a new moniker, or he has inspired a copycat.





And a special bonus-- on Kenmare, we spotted another example of vandalized vandalism- a group of Celso and Matt Siren pieces that had been scratched out with a marker. Has The Scratcher joined The Splasher and The Brusher in a Legion of Doom style streetart defacement club? We're going to confidently say yes!


And a bonus: the New York Times has a short piece about the Neckface Vans Billboard that got splashed two weeks ago. The Splasher is now officially the most publicized graffiti celebrity that New York has produced in the last three years.

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