Photo by Rachel Pincus/Gothamist

Due to its outrageous popularity, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has extended its ravishing Alexander McQueen exhibit to August 7th. Since June, they have also been offering $50 tickets for access on Mondays, its usual day of rest, and now the Met has announced that on the final two nights of the exhibit, they will keep it open until midnight. According to ArtsBeat, no part of the museum has ever stayed open that late.

The exhibit, Savage Beauty, showcases McQueen's intricate, provocative designs. Apparently, there is no end to the number of people who love beautiful things, because when we visited yesterday, the line for the exhibit was as robust as ever. Around 2 p.m. there was an hour and a half wait, and the line snaked through the galleries of East Asian, Byzantine and European art.

Though seeing a modern fashion designer at the Met was a surprise to many, a McQueen fan and line-waiter who identified himself as "Sun," told us thought McQueen was singularly deserving of the honor: "I like a lot of good designers, but I'm not sure about anybody else appearing at the Met. I think his collection is pretty outrageous. There's nobody really like him," he said. Further back on line, a woman from Texas named Pam was optimistic, despite the long wait ahead of her: "[Normally] I'd pass on it, but I'm only here for a short time, this is only here for a short time, so I want to take advantage of it while it's here."

For brave souls who still have yet to seize this marvelous opportunity, here are some supplies we recommend for braving the wait:

Of course, you can always just skip the line and view the collection in 2-D.