Monday night we co-hosted a show with Product Shop NYC at CBGB's. With hardly any time to organize it, the night went off pretty well! The openers were lil Brooklynites, Tiny Masters of Today. Here's a song from their set:

These kids were awesome, and we definitely suggest checking them out. They play Cake Shop on September 10th, and it's an all ages show - so if you have any kids bring 'em out!

As a side note, CBGB's - which we are very sad to see go, is apparently going with a lot of money made from these shows. As an example, we had a good turnout on Monday yet they left us with a total of $25 to pay the three bands with. That's $2.27 per band member. That's so punk rock.

Addendum: We did ask the venue for the percentage of what bands get paid prior to the show. We just didn't get what they promised.