Are you sick and tired of your decadent one bedroom apartment? Are you feeling guilty that you have room for an armoire AND a closet? Are you anxious that you can't stretch out and touch both walls of your home? Then we have got the perfect place for you: a 450-foot foldable apartment on the Upper West Side has been put on the market for the bargain price of $469,000. Check out a video tour of the digs below.

Third-grade-teacher Eric Schneider bought the apartment on West 73rd Street for $235K in 2005. He enlisted architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects to redesign the apartment, building a ginormous blue closet thingy that turns the studio space into a four-in-one unfolding box, with a bedroom, living room, office and closet all inside. Schneider ended up paying another $70K altogether for the box, along with bathroom renovations, cabinetry, kitchen appliances, furniture and dishes.

This is certainly a better bargain than the 420-square-foot folding studio which recently went on the market for $995K. Just make sure your eyes are wide open about Murphy Beds if you are really thinking about purchasing the apartment.

[h/t Curbed]