Demetri Martin's Overhead Comedy, Part 1Demetri Martin's Overhead Comedy, Part 2

David GarzaIt had been a while, so Gothamist went to Tinkle on Sunday (we also needed a little comedy after Saturday night). Demetri Martin continued his use of visual aids: This time, he rocked out the overhead projector to excellent effect. Fred Armisen pulled up one of our friends to the stage for no real reason - we guess it's some sort of art comedy he's working on. Jessi Klein and Andy Blitz rounded out the comedy portion of the evening - but that doesn't include Jon Benjamin's in-depth investigation about girl band, Skye. The highlight, though, was David Garza, an Austin singer-songwriter, whose guitar playing was beautiful and witty lyrics were infectious.

Also, Todd Barry mentioned that Vanilla Ice was on his plane for Florida. He wondered why Vanilla Ice was in coach. That's just like us, wondering why Spike Lee was in coach on the way to Atlanta.