Last night Gothamist headed down the street to Pianos for the Tinkle show. We figured it was worth our 6 bucks to hear Todd Barry makes fun of blogs. So we got right up there and sat in the front row. We laughed, we drank, we even cried a little (that dude from LA was not funny.) And a few hours later we ended up with a bottle of Donald Trump cologne (smells like money!) and a secret Wilco show. We'll let the pictures tell the story...

[Todd Barry - asking us if we'll be putting this on our blog tomorrow. David Cross]

[Fred Armisen and Eugene Mirman]

[Jeff Tweedy, Todd Barry, David Cross]


Incase the pictures didn't tell the story, you can go here to fill in the blanks and also see a video clip of Wilco singing a Captain & Tennille song.

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