Yo La Tengo vs. Tinkle

Last night, I went to Tinkle with Tania, Sam T, Tania's boyfriend Loc, and Tania's friends from school. We had a great time, as it was loads of comedy fun from hosts Jon Benjamin, David Cross, and Todd Barry, with comics Jim Gaffigan ("He's the boyfriend who would poop in front of Miranda on Sex and the City," I hissed to Tania), Andy Blitz, Louis C.K., and Greg Proops performing. There was a special guest appearance by Yo La Tengo, who were supposed to have created a special Tinkle them song, but only had versions of "Tequila" and the Batman TV show theme song at the ready, which made for a slightly tense situation. Eugene Mirman and umbrellaBut, luckily, it all worked itself out and many were dancing on stage to Yo La Tengo as the show ended. We ended up hanging out in the upstairs lounge for a while, enjoying Eugene Mirman's umbrella twirling skills and the fact that Tania and I have seen each other twice in one week - a new record recently. The music playing reminded us of high school dances at times - Dee Lite, Joy Division, Cure, and some others that have probably played at your high school dance but I just can't remember.

I freaked out when the Post had an article about stand up yesterday, specially pointing out Tinkle as being a place to go. I felt for sure that would mean Tinkle would be packed. But apparently, even though the line was from hell - full of more-paranoid-than-I people who wanted to ensure they'd get their hands stamped - and I needed a drink to numb the pain of it, that was not as packed as it's been at the peak. Yikes.

UPDATED: Sam T has a thoughtful review of Tinkle on his site, Samology.