Last year, Washington D.C. was blessed with the news that Mean Girls, the greatest cinematic masterpiece of our time, would make its staged musical debut in Our Nation's Capital sometime in 2017. And though those Metro-riding losers might get to see this creation before us, Tina Fey confirmed last night that Mean Girls: The Musical is indeed coming to New York, SO SUCK ON THAT, BELTWAY. More importantly, Fey said the musical is "moving along" and "a real thing now," SO GET IN LOSERS, WE'RE GOING SHOPPING.

On The Tonight Show last night, Fey told Jimmy Fallon the musical is coming together in advance of its debut at the National Theatre next fall. "These kids are so talented. We have the cast now. We’ve been rehearsing for about a month," she said, before describing the cast as "a bunch of baby Timberlakes." Which they BETTER be, because Kevin G's rap requires real talent: reported earlier this week that the musical is aiming for a March 2018 Broadway debut, with an Equity casting notice announcing that rehearsals will begin in February 12, 2018. Fey, who wrote the script for the Mean Girls film, has also written the musical's book, with music by husband Jeff Richmond and lyrics by Nell Benjamin, who also wrote the Legally Blonde musical.

Nothing will quite live up to the OG Mean Girls, without which the world would not know about marijuana tablets, the back building, your cousins and your first cousins, sexually active band geeks, burn books, fetch, Glen Coco, "grool," not regular moms but cool moms, that the limit does not exist, that chlamydia starts with a "K," ESPN or something, and the importance of October 3rd. Still, the promise of getting personally victimized by Regina George LIVE is thrilling indeed.