We're still mourning the end of 30 Rock (by re-watching the final two seasons, no less), but some fans got a chance for some in-person catharsis last night at a panel with a group of writers from the show at the Paley Center for Media. Tina Fey discussed the importance of wearing a bra onstage, dropped storylines (Pete and Jenna hooking up?), and revealed the one guest they could never snag: the one-and-only Dr. Zizmor. “Zizmor turned us down,” Fey said before giving her impression of Mrs. Zizmor's reaction to the suggestion. “[She] was like, ‘He’s a doctor.’”

Fey was also on Letterman this week discussing her new movie Admission, her interest in hosting the Oscars (not interested), spending time with her kids ("Santa Claus brought us a dog," she said, mentioning she is allergic to dogs, "because Santa Claus hates me."), and life after 30 Rock:
"The fact that we did seven years and finished it and nobody went to jail is a great source of pride," she said, adding that the post-30 Rock era is "Google Alerts time," where she gets word of the exploits of Tracy Morgan ("ohh") and Alec Baldwin ("oooooohh...").