One couple who got married this weekend had a leg up on many other brides and grooms: They know event planning. As Lauren Berger and Stuart Ruderfer's NY Times wedding announcement explains, Berger works for NYC Big Events, a city agency that works on landing and promoting high-profile events, while Ruderfer is the founder and CEO of Civic Entertainment Group, which creates marketing opportunities and events. And they met when Berger worked at Civic Entertainment, where they got to know each other.

As their feelings deepened, she said, “I realized it was probably better in terms of the company and the other employees that I look for another job.” She left in 2003.

They got engaged in 2005, and when it came to planning their event — a wedding for 250 — their professional experience proved helpful.

“The only difference between planning a giant concert in Central Park and a wedding is that there are a few more details in the concert,” Mr. Ruderfer said.

And some other interesting facts from this week's NY Times Weddings & Celebrations: