2007_07_juryduty.jpgThere are lots of great stories about how couples meet. Kindergarten, the Peace Corps, a subway platform, by chance at a bar, you name it. But we love this Daily News story about how one couple met, because it appeals not only to the romantic in us, but to our respect for jury duty: Traci Nagy and Jonathan Cinkay met while serving on the same jury during a Queens murder trial. A fellow juror told Nagy "I thought you should date John," and Nagy explained to the News, "We were in the jury room so much and we weren't allowed to talk about the case. We talked about movies, travel, everything. It was a very good way to get to know someone."

In fact, the judge, Queens Supreme Court Daniel Lewis, who presided over the murder trial will be marrying the couple next month! Nagy and Cinkay's wedding program will have a note, "A thank-you to the criminal justice system."

And here are some highlights of this week's NY Times weddings announcements:

  • There are 28 wedding announcements (perhaps Friday the 13th limited the number of weddings this weekend), including the Vows column
  • There are 16 photographs of couples and 2 photographs of brides only
  • The youngest bride is 24, the oldest bride is 66
  • The youngest groom is 25, the oldest groom is 67
  • The Vows column couple met during the 2004 presidential campaign - the bride was working for Senator John Kerry, the bridegroom was working for Senator Dick Gephardt; now the bride is Senator Ted Kennedy's communications director while the bridegroom is Senator Barack Obama's press secretary
  • In the "Awww, he's a keeper" department, before they embarked on a "more serious relationship," one bride told her future bridegroom she was adopting a child: "He was not dissuaded. He told her that he had been adopted as a young child."
  • There are two brides who are descendants of Declaration of Independence signers Oliver Wolcott and Carter Braxton
  • Literary critic Elaine Scarry officiated her niece's wedding
  • One groom's mother is the president of the Randalls Island Sports Foundation
  • One couple met at a Maritime Hotel bar
  • One couple's relationship was thanks to the International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria