2007_10_satcwedding.jpgThis past week, the big wedding wasn't even real! According to the many paparazzi photographs of the Sex & the City movie filming, it seems that Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw is finally stepping down the aisle. With, we assume, Mr. Big. The wedding between the fictional sex columnist-turned-author and the rich business guy (it's never been totally clear what Big does, except smirk and show up at the right and wrong times) took place at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The bride wore Vivienne Westwood, her bridesmaids did not wear matching bridesmaid gowns. We'll know more when the movie comes out next year.

And a big spots wedding really did take place yesterday: Yankees rookie pitcher Ian Kennedy married USC basketball player Allison Jaskowiak last night in St. Louis, Missouri. Kennedy was not included in the pitching line-up for the first round of the playoffs and it's unclear whether his season has ended (that depends on whether the Yankees can come back to win three games in a row against the Cleveland Indians), but he and his bride did walk down the aisle to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." According to the AP, Kennedy said, "I was thinking, what's more nerve-racking, pitching in the big leagues for the first time or getting married? It's a different emotion. I don't cry too much, but it was emotional.'" Sadly, none of Kennedy's Yankee family could make the wedding because they were playing an 11-inning game on Friday night, but Jaskowiak's USC coach and some teammates attended - and their first practice is next Saturday!

And here are some highlights from the NY Times' Weddings & Celebrations:

  • There are 35 wedding announcements, plus the Vows column.
  • Eighteen announcements have photographs of couples.
  • The youngest bride is 22, the oldest bride is 56.
  • The youngest groom is 23, the oldest groom is 66.
  • The Vows column bride had been looking for a boyfriend for a long time, even offering a $3,000 trip to her friends to find her a "soul mate" and attracting the attention of the Daily News. Of course, she met her groom when she wasn't even thinking about it.
  • One bride, who is a senior editor with The Atantic Monthly, is the granddaughter of Dominique de Menil, who founded the Menil Collection in Houston.
  • One bride is a producer of the Tony-award winning musical Spring Awakening.
  • One bride is a commissioner at the Port Authority.
  • One groom is the conductor for the Boston Pops; he met his bride when she was on a disastrous date with someone else.
  • One groom is the vice president of digital news at MTV; he is also a musician and blogger who is the basis of a Styles section Modern Love article when he dated two other bloggers at the same time (see the groom's blog entry for 11/15/04).