The most powerful suggestions in this week's NY Times Weddings & Celebrations? If you write about dating or a hapless love life, all is not lost! Actually, we got that idea from Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City, too, but not everyone can end up with Mr. Big or marry a hunky principal dancer at the NY City Ballet. Anyway...

The most intriguing meet-cute is that of Kristina Grish and Scott Mebus, who were married yesterday. Grish and Mebus are both writers: Grish, a contributing editor at Women's Health and contributor to Marie-Claire, has written books like The Joy of Test: Dating, Mating, and Techno-Relating" and "Boy Vey: The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men," while Mebus has written the novels "Booty Nomad" and "The Big Happy," both about a man's quest for love. Grish and Mebus met under the auspices of an assignment:

In early 2004 Marie Claire assigned Ms. Grish to write an article about dating men who had written books about romance. Her task was to compare the seductive tactics described in the pages of their books to those they used in real life.

Ms. Grish’s editor told her find dates in each of four categories: nonfiction, fiction, self-help and cookbook. Ms. Grish’s fiction contenders were Mr. Mebus and Kyle Smith, who wrote the novel “Love Monkey,” upon which the former CBS comedy show was based.

“I thought,” she said, “ ‘Do I want to go out with a love monkey or a booty nomad?’ and I decided on the booty nomad,” she said, noting that she thought the title was “hysterical.”

And, in there's a silver lining everywhere category, apparently their first date was a disaster, with bad food and bad music! Clearly, there was a happy ending. One thing we would have loved in the write-up: A comment from Smith, who reviews movies for the Post, in the write-up about his unknowing part in the matchmaking.

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