In the NY Times' Styles section, there's an article about how there may actually be a three-year itch when it comes to relationships. Divorce lawyer Raoul Felder chalks it up to various technological changes in society: "We’re all addicted to a television-clicker lifestyle." Dr. Ruth, though, cautions against believing in a three-year itch, "How dangerous it is to say something like that. From now on, everyone who’s getting married will say it will last three years and then I will have to look for someone else.”

The other recent big wedding news has been the brides-to-be jilted by Sky Studios. The downtown event space (here's their website) told a number of brides that their receptions would be canceled, dashing hopes of their "perfect weddings." Billionaire Ron Burkle bought the penthouse space, and the brides say Sky Studios owner Jonathan Leitersdorf doesn't want to delay the closing. Sky Studios has claimed the building at 704 Broadway is cracking down on commercial events. Eights brides, though, are considering suing for breach of contract. Yikes, say what you will about Bridezillas, being told that your event space is canceling is not fun, whether it's your wedding reception space or a restaurant for a gathering.

And here are this week's NY Times wedding announcement highlights:

  • There are 37 weddings, including the Vows column
  • Eighteen of the weddings have photographs of the couples
  • The youngest bride is 23; the oldest is 40
  • The youngest groom is 22; the oldest is 50
  • The youngest groom happens to be Jann Wenner's son
  • The oldest groom happens to be great-great-grandson of Charles Scribner, the publisher.
  • One couple met while they were working on John Edwards' first presidential campaign; now the bride is Edwards' Iowa campaign director while the groom is chief of staff to Iowa Governor Chet Culver
  • Another couple met during an antiwar protest in 2003
  • One bride's father received the National Medal of Science in 1983; her groom's father won the 2005 Nobel Prize in chemistry (the couple is Annabelle Singer and Eric Schrock; their wedding announcement is not online)
  • After one couple's first date, the bride said she would marry the groom and the groom gave her an engagement ring made from a dollar bill

Photograph of East Village wedding debris by MissMareck on Flickr