Before we dive into the Times' weddings and celebrations announcements, we'd like to note that the Styles section has an article for guests thinking about buying tableware gifts for upcoming weddings. The article suggests buying colorful accessory plates and bowls for couples who may have registered for white-only dinnerware. We're fans of white-only dinnerware, because it's very versatile, it doesn't have to be too expensive, and it can be dressed up or down. If you should break a piece, you won't be too heartbroken because it shouldn't be too hard to replace.

Our suggestion would be for engaged couples developing their registries to add some colorful accessory plates to the mix - it may be the only time you can ask for coral-patterned plates (but getting the whole set might be a bit too much).

And here are this week's NY Times Weddings & Celebrations:

  • There are 29 announcements, plus the Vows column
  • Seventeen couples have photographs, plus the Vows column photographs
  • The youngest bride is 26, the oldest bride is 52
  • The youngest groom is 27, the oldest groom is 63
  • The Vows column bridegroom is Alan Hunter, one of MTV's original five VJs; he now lives in Birmingham and married a Manhattan transplant
  • Two years after they started dating, one couple found out their fathers lived in the same dorm at Colorado College during freshman year
  • Slate editor Meghan O'Rourke and New Yorker writer James Surowiecki were married; O'Rourke's great-uncle, a Roman Catholic priest, officiated
  • Mayor David Dinkins officiated the wedding of Times staff photographs G. Paul Burnett and Times photo lab technician Jeanette Ortiz
  • One bride is an soprano who performs with the Scottish Opera and Grange Park Opera
  • One couple met because the elevator at Columbia University's fitness center is very slow

Photograph by nycjournal on Flickr