There have been a few ads in the NY Times weddings section that spoof the real wedding announcements. For instance, we believe we recall a few for divorce services, but less ironically, there have been ads for marriage-related movies, like The Starter Wife. And this week, there's an ad for an upcoming wedding on the ABC comedy Ugly Betty. Of course, the ad is a lot wordier than the usual NY Times wedding announcement, but any mention of Wilhemina assistant Marc St. James is worth the extra ink.

No word if the Sex and the City movie will advertise its wedding when the movie comes out next year. And onto this week's NY Times Weddings & Celebrations:

  • There are thirty-six announcements, which include a civil union and a partnership celebration, plus the Vows column.
  • The youngest bride is 25, the oldest bride is 51.
  • The youngest groom is 26, the oldest is 54.
  • One groom is a freelance writer who detailed the airport cities for City magazine and an upcoming book.
  • One couple met during a New York Giants game; the Giants won, the groom got his future bride's number.
  • One bride is the editor at large of Daily Candy.
  • One groom's father was the president of George Washington University from 1988 till this past August.
  • One groom is the executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda.
  • And the best man for the Vow column couple was none other than boxer Mike Tyson.