2007_10_rsvp.jpgCouples planning their weddings and receptions often face a dilemma with their guest lists. With relatives to consider and budgets to stay within, some send invitations to single friends without a plus one.

The NY Times spoke to a few people about the single invite. Some understand that given per-head costs of $200, some guests' feathers will be ruffled. But one single woman says, "if Ms. Bridezilla who is so not a virgin but still insists upon wearing white certainly expects a gift of $150, then I’m not showing up to a party where I probably know two people in the room without having someone fun to dance with.”

What do you think of no-guest wedding invites? We know some people who decide whether a guest gets to bring a date based on the seriousness of the relationship (being engaged or living together helps the case) and others who have considered whether the guest will know other people at the affair.

Then again, sometimes being allowed to bring a date isn't always necessary - we remember watching "That 70s Show" star Topher Grace on a talk show debating whether he should bring a date to a friend's wedding. Grace's friends told him not to because that would be like bringing sand to the beach.

And here are this week's highlights of the NY Times Weddings & Celebrations:

  • There are 40 announcements (including a same-sex commitment ceremony), plus the Vows column
  • There are 24 photographs of couples
  • The youngest bride is 23, the oldest bride is 67
  • The youngest groom is 23, the oldest groom is 68
  • One bride is VP of global communications at Tory Burch. Her groom is an executive producer of Weeds; he is also a widower - his late first wife was NY Times fashion critic and style editor Amy Spindler.
  • One groom's mother was Mayor Ed Koch's chief of staff during his second and third terms.
  • One couple met at a Manhattan bar; the bride was initially disappointed that her future groom was Republican, but clearly they worked it all out.
  • One bride is a senior environmental planner for the city.
  • One groom is the producer for Comedy Central websites DailyShow.com and Indecision2008.com.
  • And one bride started working at Clinique as a secretary in 1969 and retired in 2004 as its president.