With all the news of identity theft, of course it would have to hit couples who are getting married. The Post has an alarming story about a number of couples who, when applying for a marriage license, have found themselves already "married." It's believed that thieves use other people's identities to get marriage licenses and green cards. Denise Daskalkis "filed two appeals, multiple petitions, and attended a hearing at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings," calling the two-year process hell while a Laura Berrios was "denied a domestic partnership with her lesbian lover because she had supposedly been married - to a man - for a decade." Berrios dryly said to the Post, "I've been out of the closet since I was 16. Trust me, I never have and never will get married [to a man]."

Luckily many of the couples mentioned in the Post's article were able to clear up the mistake with help of some city agencies, but only after thousands in legal fees and time. The city has been toughened ID requirements for marriage licenses post-September 11 and the process to appeal instances of fake marriages. Daskalkis' husband Kevin Reilly said, "I'm just so angry that those people who did this to us are still out there and still married."

And here are highlights of the NY Times Weddings & Celebrations:

  • There are 38 announcements (including one same-sex union) plus the Vows column
  • There are 21 photographs of couples, including photographs from the Vows column
  • The youngest bride is 25, the oldest bride is 46
  • The youngest groom is 25, the oldest groom is 40
  • The Vows column has the bride momentarily trading in the Great White Way for a great white gown - the bride is Kelli O'Hara, who had leads in The Pajama Game and The Light in the Piazza, and her groom is Greg Naughton, son of actor James Naughton (O'Hara's Pajama Game co-star Harry Connick Jr. sang at the reception)
  • One groom is the NY Post movie critic and Love Monkey author Kyle Smith
  • A marriage made in Google: The bride is the manager of investor relations and the groom is a product manager (also, a fellow Google employee , but to a non-Google civilian).
  • One bride's grandfather was the presidents of Tufts between 1976 and 1992
  • One groom is the "executive speechwriter" for Citigroup CEO Charles Prince III
  • One bride who met her groom on JDate refused to reveal her last name until "her feelings for him deepened"
  • One couple met while working at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston - the bride is currently coordinating fund-raising for Joseph Biden
  • Another couple met while "participating in a prisoners' rights pro-bono program" - the bride said "We went to prison together three times, the fourth was canceled, so we decided to go for drinks instead. I was really excited that we were doing something that was clearly a date and not just taking another trip to prison.”
  • And one groom is an artist whose projects include transforming himself into Tupac Shakur