2007_08_bridgestm.jpgWe all knew the real estate bubble was causing insanity, but we should have known it's encouraged people to divorce. There's a NY Times Styles section article about some who wait until the market's at its peak to divorce - that way, they can benefit from an even bigger profit when selling their homes.

There are quotes from Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker, who showed that couples with a drastic rise in net worth were at risk of divorce back in 1977, and from divorce lawyer Nancy Chemtoub, who says, "No matter what the net worth of the client, the $3 million apartment is now the $7 million apartment, and the $7 million apartment is the $14 million apartment. Half of a lot is a lot.”

A wedding story we liked better was the Times' Thursday national article about Donnie Andrews and Fran Boyd. Andrews is the basis for the Omar Little character in the HBO series, The Wire, while Boyd's drug addiction was portrayed in another HBO mini-series, The Corner. They have spent the past ten years helping each other overcome their difficulties (they met when Boyd was in prison) and were married yesterday. Their pastor said, "Donnie and Fran are a street version of Cinderella and Prince Charming, but when they fell in love they didn’t have any magical dust in their eyes."

And here are highlights of today's NY Times Weddings & Celebrations:

  • There are 35 wedding announcements, plus the Vows columns
  • There are 19 photographs of couples, plus the Vows column's photographs
  • The youngest bride is 23, the oldest bride is 52
  • The youngest groom is 22, the oldest groom is 59
  • The Vows column reads like a romantic comedy pitch - violin teacher falls for violin seller and picks a violin she didn't like in order to see him again. We also like how the bride's students played after the vows.
  • One groom was "lead engineer for materials and processes on the Space Shuttle Discovery 2005 and 2006 Return to Flight missions"
  • DA's in love: One couple's bride will be an assistant Manhattan DA next month and the groom is currently an assistant Queens DA
  • One groom had been the legislative director for Congressman Anthony Weiner; he is now a lobbyist
  • One bride's great-great-great-grandfather, William G. Fargo, was a founder of Wells Fargo and American Express
  • One groom's mother is the managing editor of the Harry Potter books at Scholastic
  • And one couple first met when they were 15, but later they found out they had been on the same Greek cruise when they were 13 - their home movie showed the groom in the background at one point!

Photograph of a bevy of brides by Ozzdo on Flickr