Yesterday was supposedly the luckiest day of the century and many people got married to better their marriage success odds. The Post has a feature on a couple who met while they were waiting for a 7 train - the wedding of Diana and Joseph Saporito included seven bridesmaids, seven groomsmen, 21 tables (21 being a multiple of seven) and Lucky 7 lotto tickets.

The NY Times had a story about an unlucky fellow who wanted to marry lucky lady yesterday, but they are getting married on Friday the 13th instead. But if you're planning on getting married next year, here's another lucky date - at least according to Asian cultures: August 8, 2008 (8/8/08).

And let's look at this weekend's NY Times wedding announcements:

  • There are 40 announcements this weekend, including the Vows column
  • There are 18 photographs of couples, plus the Vow column (bonus: Vows column slideshow that reveals young children in the wedding party wearing clothes that wouldn't be out of place during Louis the XIV's reign at Versailles)
  • The youngest bride is 25, the oldest bride is 68
  • The youngest groom is 27, the oldest groom is 54
  • One groom is a special assistant to Secretary of State Condolezza Rice; his bride is the special adviser for governmental affairs for Maryland's lieutenant governor
  • One bride worked as the communications director during Fernando Ferrer's 2005 mayoral campaign
  • While dating, one groom invited his future bride to a "largely autobiographical" play he wrote about a man who can't commit (but he prepped her and told her not to worry).
  • One couple shares a love of baseball statistics, which helps because the bride is a Yankees fan and the groom is a Padres fan
  • Getting married tonight is a Wall Street Journal editor and a NY Sun online editor
  • And one groom's father is WNBC sports anchor Len Berman! And nobody got hurt!

Photograph of a wedding at Coney Island by Zodak on Flickr