2007_02_arts_mtvmoon.jpgThere have been rumors about TRL ending its run this year (most likely by the summer) and now comes news that MTV will cut 250 jobs and invest in digital. By now we're all aware that the firing spree started yesterday.

With viewers turning to the internet more and more, we suppose it only natural for the network to follow them. While we're happy this may mean the end of screaming teens standing outside of 1515 Broadway every day, we can't help but think the cutting of the show will mean even less videos (ie: music) on the Music Television Network. We wonder if this is why most of the MTV related videos on YouTube have been taken down and nostalgia seekers are now met with this message: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc".

With what appears to be the disintegration of VH1 Classics and MTV2, with more hours a day dedicated to reality shows, and even more reality shows on the way, what has MTV got to do with music anymore? This question has been asked for years now, but it seems the network just turned a corner which will take it even farther away from what most people want...more music. At this point we wouldn't be surprised if they re-brand and get rid of that M one day. Remember the good 'ol days when, on top of playing videos, they gave away Jon Bon Jovi's old house in New Jersey to a viewer and you had to call in to 1-800-Dial-MTV everyday to vote for the Top 5 at 5?

Related: Radio is turning to video. The New York Times reports that "the nation’s commercial radio stations have seen the future, and it is in, of all things, video. Across the country, radio stations are putting up video fare on their Web sites, ranging from a simple camera in the broadcast booth, to exclusive coverage of special events like the Super Bowl to music videos, news clips and Web-only musical performances."

Thank goodness we can still find music at KEXP, WOXY, WFMU and on tv at New York Noise.