The milder weather has people waiting in Times Square for the New Year's festivities pumped. Reader Valerio Bruscianelli sent some photographs just now and tells us, "They’ve set up the usual barricades and are letting people into each section one by one. There were only about 10 people who claimed their spots around 10am this morning, looks like there are a few thousand now. Every now and again the crowd gets really loud, I have yet to discover why from all the way up here but the energy is incredible out there, must have something to do with the nice weather (last year was much much colder)."

Times Square's streets are starting to close—and the area will be pretty locked down. The Times Square Alliance has an app for folks in the thick of the action which also has a "LIVE, six-and-a-half-hour, commercial-free mobile stream of New Year’s Eve in Times Square" (plus suggests an app for clinking champagne flutes, since alcohol isn't allowed in the zone) and its website also has a livestream.