Summer 2015 will forever be burned into our memories as the summer when NYC lost its damn mind over the completely ridiculous & sexist Times Square desnudas hysteria. But with strictly regulated "activity zones" right around the corner, the future for desnudas in the area is hazy. So it makes complete sense that some of the young women have made the first steps to ensuring their future employment by embracing their popular moniker and forming their own entertainment company: Times Square Body Art, aka Desnudas Inc.

The Post reports today that at least two of the painted women, 29-year-old Saira ­Nicole and 23-year-old Amanda Roman, have formed the company with their manager, Chris Oliveri. Aided by former Entertainment Tonight producer Ed Meyer, the team hope to make some money via personal appearances, a possible reality show, and more. Meyer offered some possible ideas, including, "The desnudas in the Hamptons...the desnudas showing up at Donald Trump's events."

"A lot of people ask us to do free publicity stuff," Oliveri said. "Like, 'Oh come do this. You'll get great exposure.' We don't need more exposure. We're already known. We're Public Enemy Number 1." Oliveri said he hopes to take the women on an international tour ("Might go to Miami. Might go to Vegas. Might go to Texas. Might leave to Brazil!"), but he won't accept gigs that involve alcohol or clubs ("for safety").

The women have already had a few assignments, including painting "Cheater" on their chests in order to humiliate celebrity chef Bobby Flay at a recent New York City Wine and Food Festival event. Flay is in the midst of a contentious divorce from third wife (and former Law & Order actress) Stephanie March, amidst rumors that he had an affair with actress January Jones (this wasn't his first "cheater" shaming, either).

The women have also been contacted about appearing on a live Times Square show on New Year's Eve as well. "Just like the showgirls from Vegas, the desnudas will become the trademark of New York City," Oliveri added.