While we no longer need to fear the Snooki Ball this New Year's Eve, that doesn't mean Times Square is free from danger tonight. City officials are ramping up security as they brace for nearly a million people to show up for the ball drop (streets will close at 3 p.m. today). The decision to strengthen the police presence was made after the failed Times Square bomb discovered in May of this year. According to the Daily News, "counterterrorism officials, FBI agents and thousands of rank-and-file cops will patrol the area with bomb-sniffing dogs and snipers on rooftops." More barriers will be added to the area, and all mailboxes and garbage cans have been removed from streetcorners, and on top of all that, manhole covers are being sealed up.

Freaked out yet? Don't worry, Police Commish Kelly says, "We have no specific threats against New York City on New Year's Eve." And Bloomberg, who will be in attendance tonight, says, "I expect to have a great time. Every year, we have a great celebration, and I think this will be another one." And as the Post points out, his buddies at the sanitation department will (allegedly!) also be showing up, but not until the show's over.

Some revelers showed up as early as 7 a.m. today to get a good spot, and don't plan to move til that ball drops. If you want to join them, you know the drill, no backpacks or large bags, no alcoholic beverages, no FUN, etc.