The Times Square Ball: New and Old

Yesterday the 11,875-pound Times Square ball was successfully adorned with 288 new Waterford crystal panels that contain images of lapel ribbons, angel wings and flames in honor of the theme "Let there be courage." And with every year, the famous ball gets more green; the Daily News reports that the crystals will be lit by 32,256 LED lights creating a kaleidoscope of over 16 million colors. These replace the halogen bulbs of the past, and are said to "use about the same amount of energy it takes to fire up two traditional home ovens."

We'll have photos from today's Good Riddance event at Times Square later, which allows folks to shred their bad memories of the past year — but if you're focus is on the future, head over to the Wishing Wall to write down your 2010 dreams. The papers will be shredded for confetti and used during the New Year's Eve event.