2005_04_time100.jpgTime releases its Time 100 list of influential people for 2005, and it's pretty much the snore it was last year. Much like other magazines whose "most influential list" reads more like a "Who's popular?" or "Who's pretty?" list from high school, Time focuses on names that people have heard of. Sure, some of the people truly make a difference, like Jeffrey Sachs or Javier Solana, but Jamie Foxx and Clint Eastwood? Boring. And the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela, they're on the list this year, but aren't they influential for an era, not just a year? What also is hilariously lame is that Time insists on its subscriber-only policy to access this content. News flash: No one really wants to read it unless they're in the dentist's office. Which reminds Gothamist, it's time for a cleaning.

The local tabs have differing views of who the New Yorkers are to have made the list: The Daily News includes Dave Eggers and Ann Coulter, while the NY Post doesn't. Other New Yorkers include Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Jon Stewart, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, and Malcolm Gladwell.