CBS and Time Warner are still feuding over fees, but the two settled upon a temporary lift of the blackout so that New Yorkers could tune in to the political debates, starting with tonight's mayoral debate.

According to Joseph Parkes, chairman of the Campaign Finance Board, “With vacancies in all three citywide offices, this election will decide the future of the city we all share and love. We are very pleased that these two institutions have chosen to look past their differences and provide all New Yorkers the best opportunity to see these important debates.” Of course, you can also watch the debate streaming live here on Gothamist at 7.

According to the Wall Street Journal, viewers will be able to watch Thursday night’s comptroller debate, the Republican mayoral debate on August 28th, and a potential runoff debate between Democratic candidates in September.

The CBS blackout started August 2nd, and you can expect it to go back following this lift.