Patrick Stewart remains the best, but if Captain Picard can't even get Time Warner Cable to make it so, what hope is there for the rest of us? Recently the star of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and much more) made the move to Park Slope (and FUCKING EMBRACED IT) but apparently he isn't having the best time with the notorious cable provider. Yup, this might be our favorite celebrity tweet in ages:

Stewart's tweet quickly racked up quite a few retweets and Time Warner Cable did step up to offer to help, but it appears to have been too little, too late:

So what did Professor X end up doing in the end? Unclear! We certainly hope he's found his will to live again, though, because we can't wait for him to start interacting with the other Q. And finally make this movie:

So how could Time Warner Cable dare snub the captain of the USS Enterprise? Here's what they had to say: “Our Care and Social Media teams are fully engaged to make sure he's well tended to. On behalf of the many Trekkers and Sir Patrick Stewart fans across our company, I can assure you, we will make it so.