Jon Stewart's Daily Show is no more, with the Immortal Stew-Beef concluding his triumphant 16 year run last Thursday night. Today workers are unceremoniously ripping out the set to prepare for new host Trevor Noah, which means there's a dumpster full of Daily Show crap over on Eleventh Avenue for you to pick through.

Before you race over there with visions of reassembling the Daily Show set in your apartment just like Kramer did with Merv Griffin, be advised that most of the set is supposedly headed to the Washington, D.C. Newseum, which refers to the set as "artifacts" that "are part of America's cultural and media history, telling an important story about how political satire and news as humor made 'The Daily Show' a trusted news source for a generation."

But if you've already dragged the scraps back to your apartment and are trying to reassemble what you can before your wife gets home arrives for her on-camera interview, note that the curved stuff next to the dumpster appears to be the set piece to the right of Stewart's desk, as seen in this photo below:

While you're putting the set together, enjoy our recap of the final Jon Stewart Daily Show episode (with the full episode embed).