2005_11_beedogs.jpgIt's Saturday, and that means Jen Chung is off-- but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some silly animal fun! Check out this amazing site dedicated to Bee-Dogs-- that's right: dogs in bee costumes. Improbably, there are about 25 pages worth of pictures, all meeting these stringent selection guidelines:

No Photoshop! Beedogs.com is about pictures of actual dogs wearing actual bee outfits. I’m not interested in pictures of dogs photoshopped to look like bees, nor do I want pictures of bee costumes photoshopped to look like they’re being worn by dogs.

For more dogs in costume, we liked Brooklyn Vegan's Halloween dog parade shots-- or check out our archive of animal posts. And remember-- dogs enjoy getting dressed up all year round-- you don't have to wait until next Halloween.