2006_01_timvincent_big.jpgVital Stats:

- Tim Vincent
- 33 years old
- Grew up in Wrexham, North Wales; now lives in Manhattan.
- New York Correspondent, Access Hollywood

Tim’s World:

You have some acting credits, but you're best known for being a host/presenter. Did you ever want to pursue an acting career?
I've had various roles in dramas and soaps, but it's impossible to do that and Access Hollywood at the same time.

Given that you've modeled, had a stint BBC kids classic Blue Peter and appear now on TV nearly every day, are you basically the UK equivalent of Anderson Cooper?
I couldn't really presume. Who is Anderson Cooper?

Are there differences between the US and UK's take on celebrity?
In the UK, there are more tabloids in newspapers. In the US, celebrity is more in TV and magazines.

Has the recent influx of tabloid mags (InTouch, US Weekly, Star, OK) affected the show and the race for info?
Access Hollywood usually gets the exclusive and, if not, we still report on the facts.

Access Hollywood is 10 years old. How competitive are you towards other shows like "Entertainment Tonight", whether it's for interviews or your position on the red carpet?
We are healthily competitive with each other, but life is too short to take it too seriously.

Do you have particular beats like other journalists do? Or are your assignments determined by geography? And are certain industries easier or more interesting to work with?
NY is my beat, which incorporates music, film, and TV. They are still pretty much the same; they all want to be interviewed about their projects.

Do you get to have fun at events, or do you just grab a gift bag and head home?
Actually we don't have time to grab gift bags at all; we just cover the event and head to the next one.

Any memorable moments?
My most memorable moment was with John Travolta at the Venice Film Festival. And I will always have a soft spot for him because at the time I was a fresh face and he was so charming. He gave me a dance lesson with Scarlett Johansson -- it was Scarlett in the middle and John on one side and me on the other -- and all three of us were holding hands. And Access ended up loving it; they made a big piece out of it. But, I still can't dance. I also have gotten dancing tips from Destiny's Child and Ricky Martin.

Access Hollywood is part of NBC Universal empire. Does that preclude you from asking questions that might upset management? How off-the-cuff can you be?
It only precludes me from asking questions when I'm asking for a raise. During an interview, it depends on the star and the publicist.

Billy Bush has a blog on the Access Hollywood site. Why don't you? And do people really call him Bushy?
Yes we do call him Bushy, and I write a column in OK magazine.

Also in your background: hosting The Clothes Show on the BBC. Does that give you an extra-critical eye on the red carpet?
No, I'm just a bloke. Although, I know what I like for myself.

Do you consider NY home now? How often do you travel back?
I have two homes, NY and London. Most of my friends and family are back in London. I usually go there about six times a year.

Personality Problem Solving: Would you consider your personality more hysterical or more obsessive, and have you changed since living in New York; has "New York" become a part of you?
I'm more direct now that I've lived here.

What's one thing you've done (or regularly do) in NYC that you could not have conceived doing anywhere else?
Going to a corner deli at 4:30am .

Besides more square footage, what luxury would you most like to have in your apartment?
Peace and quiet.

As someone who usually does the interviewing, how comfortable are you when the tables are turned?
Depends on the interviews. This one is fine.

Access Hollywood airs locally on WNBC 4 weekdays at 7:30 PM and Saturdays at 7 PM.

-- Interview by Lily Oei and Aaron Dobbs