2007_02_arts_gunner.jpgTim Gunn is leaving Parsons! Could it be that he wants to spread his acting wings? Not really, his main job will now be at Liz Claiborne as chief creative officer. Let's take a look at his upcoming appearances on the thing that introduced us to Gunn in the first place, the tv.

Tonight (and next week) he'll be appearing on Ugly Betty. He won't be playing himself though, he'll be acting! He'll appear as a fashion reporter who covers a controversy that takes place at (fictional magazine) “Mode”.

It was also announced that he may have his own show coming up! According to Bravo's blog: "Bravo has been putting together a deal with Tim to bring a new TV show to our airwaves. Based on his book, “A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style," Tim’s show is bound to be high quality, totally tasteful, imminently stylish, and full of huge vocabulary words."

Fashion expert, mentor, blogger, actor, chief creative officer, frequent user of SAT words...what can't Tim Gunn do?