2006_09_prwait5.jpgYesterday afternoon, a crowd of people excitedly waited on a line along Elizabeth Street. No, they had not missed the San Gennaro Festival - they were there for fashion. Emmett McCarthy, a season 2 designer from Project Runway, was having an event at his store, EMc2, featuring clothing and appearances from Project Runway designers like Chloe Dao, Kara Janx, Alison Kelly, Nick Verreos, and Emmett himself....plus Tim Gunn!

We settled into the line at 1PM, and the line did move - just very slowly. Good thing Project Runway fans are a nice bunch - we made friends with a gay couple in front of us and a family from NJ behind us (nothing is cuter than seeing an immigrant grandmother asking PR designers for their autographs on behalf of her granddaughter). And Emmett and his employees came around to rally those waiting and passed out water to everyone. Emmett added that Tim was being "really slow" and that's why the line wasn't moving very quickly.


As we shuffled slowly towards the store, in the store, and through the courtyard to see Tim Gunn, we saw Alison (so pretty!), Nick (so handsome!), Raymundo (who now does some styling - at least he did on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Kayne's model Amanda (totally cute and totally chatty!), and Kayne (Mr. Kayne!). Everyone was very nice and happily signed autographs, posed for photographs, and even held one fan's dog. 2006_09_prwait6.jpg

As we inched closer to Tim Gunn, we saw Nick and Tim get very excited about an apperance from the Project Rungay guys, Tom and Lorenzo. (And it turns out that Laura from Blogging Project Runway was the woman helping Tim with the signing - of course, we only know that from reading Project Rungay's post today.) And now we knew why Tim was "slow" - he was autographing Tim Gunn bobbleheads, Tim Gunn t-shirts (both available from EMc2), and taking time to pose for photographs. Then we started to get nervous, because there were rumblings about Tim needing to leave at 3PM - and 3PM it was!

Luckily we were able to have a moment with Mr. Gunn, and he was as charming and dashing as any one would imagine! Not only did we make him hug us immediately, we gushed over him and Tim was sweet and bashful. Then, we mentioned we were Gothamist, he said "I read Gothamist!" and he hugged us again. Aw - we would have waited six hours for that!

EMc2 still has some Tim Gunn bobbleheads and t-shirts for sale. And check out the store - there are some lovely clothes there (though definitely at designer prices); we especially love Nick's Nikolaki tailored blouses and jackets. EMc2 is at 240 Elizabeth Street, between Houston and Prince Streets.

The next new episode of Project Runway will be on September 27, so we're hoping that there will be a marathon this Wednesday. Here's are our posts on Project Runway, including a post about this past Friday's runway show at Fashion Week. And definitely catch up through Tim's podcasts and his blog posts.