wutang.bmpAccording to the Israeli daily Ha'aretz, "Rap group Wu-Tang Clan to tour Israel in May; one member says they `want to show solidarity` with people of Israel."

This may not be as strange as it sounds. According to the Bitch Master's Web site, (a Jewish fanclub for the Wu-Tang Clan), "Israel and Judaism are topics that are not unknown to The Wu-Tang Clan. Sunz Of Man have Hebrew on the cover of their album, a track called Israeli News and they talk about the promised land. Remedy is Jewish and has a track called Never Again which is about the Holocaust, this track has Hatikva, the Bir Kad and the Shma on it. Killah Priest has chanting and a lot of Jewish content on his first album. His New album is called View From Masada. He has a tract called View From Masada and one called Maccabean Revolt. Gravediggaz mention the Gaza Strip."

And you thought Israel was all Havah Nagilah all day. Sheeeiit.