Ming via NYPD video; Photo - AP

New York's favorite and only admitted tiger (and alligator) haborer, Antoine Yates was in court yesterday, to seek an adjournment of the charges against him for illegally owning and sheltering a variety of animals. Yates, whose Harlem apartment turned animal farm caught attention in early October, was dressed jauntily ("wearing a bowler hat and black suit") and mentioned missing his beloved tiger Ming. He said, "It's not my leg, it's my heart," dismissing the fact that Ming bit his leg. He also told reporters, "It's hard for me to speak, because my thoughts are with Ming right now." Yates had a number of supporters with him, including State Assmblyman Keith Wright of Manhattan, who is trying to help Yates with his legal troubles and with finding a job with animals; Wright told Newsday, "Uptown, we call him Dr. Doolittle of Harlem." Aw, that's sweet, but come on, Yates is a little more than crazy. And Dr. Doolittle is a fictional character.