One month from today, the shadowy Corduroy Appreciation Club will convene on a very auspicious date: November 11th, 2011. As the Society explains on their website, "The Wales are aligning. The date which most closely resembles Corduroy, EVER, 111111 is upon us! Rejoice. Rejoice! Our day has come." To commemorate this "momentous" date, the club is planning what will "probably likely" be the final Annual Grand 11/11 Meeting. We attended last year's Grand Meeting for the first time, and we've got to say, it was hilarious (and not nearly as twee as we feared). Check out Katie Sokoler's stellar photos.

A spokesperson for the Cotton Incorporated, which sponsors the annual event, would not elaborate on what's in store this year, but according to the Corduroy Appreciation Club website, this year's meeting will take place at the "magnificent" Refectory at The Desmond Tutu Center on 10th Avenue. We do know that there will be Awards for Exemplary Usage of Corduroy, a person (to be determined, and of some gravitas) to deliver a keynote address, and the Installation of Corduroy Messiah (child - still at large! - that shall turn 11 on 111111).

Previous Grand Meetings were open to all who wore two items of corduroy, but for 11/11/11, the website announces that the "two Item Rule is NOT in EFFECT! We are instituting a THREE ITEM RULE! That means, you must wear THREE (3) items of Corduroy." To help with that, the Club is selling a limited edition official Corduroy Appreciation Club pant: "In collaboration with Betabrand, makers of Cordarounds™, 111 pairs of pants will be released on 10/11/11. Before they are consumed by the less-appreciative public, a limited time pre-sale for CAC Members is happening right now."

Tickets cost $41.11 and include an open bar and unlimited ridged potato chips. Hail the Wale!