For decades, Ticketmaster has been gouging customers with exorbitant service fees that can make paying to see The Kills feel like you're paying to see The Killers. All that runaway gouging lead to a $400 million class-action lawsuit, and as a result anyone who's been buying tickets through the company now most likely has a few free show vouchers and doesn't even realize it. Seriously, this probably means you—log into your account and check it out.

The $400 million suit dates back to 1999, and while at first it seemed like we'd only be getting a few quarters back in exchange for all those fees, it's now apparent that Ticketmaster is actually willing/relenting to acknowledge that they owe us much, much more. And "owe" is the right word, because these show vouchers are by no means free giveaways: we've been paying for them in advance through all those fees.

Email notification about the free show vouchers went out last month, but if you're like us, the message wound up in your spam folder. Check to see how many free shows and discount codes you have by logging into your Ticketmaster account and clicking the "Active Vouchers" link along the left side. Ticketmaster has placed restrictions on which shows we're able to use our vouchers for, and it's safe to say that you won't be copping free Radiohead seats anytime soon. But still, this is one small step toward rock justice.