2007_05_arts_tix.jpgWith a million ways to buy tickets these days, it still seems almost impossible to get your hands on those to sold out shows. Perhaps texting for tickets will make this easier, or perhaps...making scalping legal is the answer?

Today, the Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that would do just that, it was already passed in the State Assembly. From NY1:

Lawmakers are easing current restrictions on the practice, hoping that will bring the industry into the open so it can be better regulated.

'There has always been a black market; there have always been scalpers,' said Governor Eliot Spitzer. 'There was no way, even before the internet, to successfully regulate and succeed in enforcement. With the internet, with the opportunity to buy and sell online, it became almost a ridiculous effort.'

The only catch would be that scalpers would not be able to sell tickets within 1,500 feet of large venues or within 500 feet of small venues, though since this is hardly regulated at most venues now - we doubt all scalpers will comply. As far as selling above face value goes, the NY Post reports:

"Ticket resale brokers also would be required to register with the state as would those outside a venue looking to re-sell five or more tickets to the same event.

Regular Joes just looking to get rid of a few tickets they can't use would be able to do so for any price they want."

If most people go to Craigslist to buy their tickets to sold out events, however, this really won't change much. And one reason to keep a price cap on tickets that are resold: TicketsNow is currently selling four seats to The Police at MSG for $11K each! Stating, "TicketsNow does not set prices, but represents smaller brokers who are offering tickets that have either been purchased from individuals or are placed on consignment."

Photo via stephaner's flickr.