2006_01_thuy1.jpgOccupation: Floral Designer
Neighborhood: Long Island City, NY
About yourself
I'm 27 years old designer from Louisiana currently designing in the city. I live with my boyfriend, and overweight corgi in Long Island City.

Flower power
What kinds of arrangements do you tend to do?
In retail, I love to do compact nosegay arrangements with a certain twist, or funky. Like, maybe take a vase, and twist some grass in it or wrap the vase with multiple layers of ribbon or loops among the flowers. There is so much you could do, its limitless. When I'm designing an arrangement, I want to see the flowers not hide them. I try not to use too much greenery unless it is neccessary.

For weddings, which is absolutely my passion, I love to make the bridal and maids bouquets. To prepare for months and finally see a wedding come together; it's amazing.

2006_01_thuyflowerswhite.jpgWhat are your favorite flowers to use?
I love to use various types of Orchids, funky colored Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Calla Lillies, Tulips....there's soo many, I cannot discriminate. :o)

Do you have tips for people to care for the flowers they buy?
Make sure that you recut the stems and your flowers have fresh water. Once bacteria is in the water, there's no chance for longer survival. Also, dropping a penny in a vase of Tulips will cause them to stand up straight instead of limp. In Amaryllis and Gerber Daisies, if you take a straight pin and poke the top of the stem, it allows it to breath easier and stand up straighter.

2006_01_flowers2.jpg Many people resort to buying flowers from a bodega. Why or why shouldn't people do this?
Well, sometimes those flowers from the bodega's are so tempting, but even I will buy from them, its so easy and convenient. It's all about a budget when you buy flowers. The bodegas generally have flowers from the local market. The majority of the flower shops are ordering their products from another country, like Holland, New Zealand, or Japan. So its just another quality, and the buyer's choice.

What flowers are worth splurging for? And what flowers do you recommend people take advantage of during these cold months?
I would suggest Amaryllis, Calla Lillies, Tulips. Because its a little bit chilly, the flowers will stay fresh longer. Those flowers have pretty long expectancy when the weather is cool. But, pretty much if you take care of any fresh cuts, they'll be ok during the cold months. If it's an anniversery or birthday splurge on Tulips and try to avoid going with a generic rose arrangement. It'll look better and make your significant other think you put more thought into it.

And on NYC:

What is your favorite subway line?
The 7....because it takes me home and it takes me to Shea Stadium

What is your favorite place to buy flowers?
The little flower shop by my apartment on Queens Boulevard....it's a mom and pop shop, they have little plants and fresh cut flowers for a great prices.

What is the best place for a slice of pizza?
Cheesesteak Factory on Queens Blvd, they have the best Chicken Ceasar Salad Pizza...mmmm...talk about yummers.

2006_01_flowerscake.jpg What is your favorite place in the city to enjoy nature?
Bryant Park with my boyfriend. Union Square to watch the squirrels and feed them. I love to people watch and animal watch. They're the best entertainment. Especially now at Bryant Park ice skating rink, they're hilarious. It puts a smile to my face, just watching everyone have such a great time.

Thuy Bui is available for weddings and events and can be reached at tweeboowee(at)yahoo.com