2010 tomato fight in Spain. (Photo via flydime's flickr)

This Saturday you can hurl tomatoes at friends and strangers in Floyd Bennett Field because New York is FINALLY getting its own Tomato Battle! We were pretty jealous when San Francisco got one, and kind of figured the fruit fight would never happen here since we can barely handle a pillow fight. But... IT'S ALL HAPPENING.

There is some bad news though: it costs $50 (or $25 with this deal) (+$10 if you need to use the shuttle to get there, which you probably do). But for that price you'll get the satisfying feeling of throwing mushy tomatoes at people (organizers promise "thousands" of targets, and presumably plenty of tomatoes), live music, food and beer (actually, those will cost you more), and a costume contest. Here's what you're in for:

Registration starts at noon on Saturday, with the Tomato Battle officially starting at 4 p.m. Get your tickets (and more details) here, and send us your photos here.