2005_11_thrillist2.jpgThrillist is an email newsletter that's insinuated itself into our inbox over the last couple of months. It seems to focus on toys for boys-- or tricks for dicks, or something like that. Gawker has been obsessed with it of late, and we thought that we'd follow their lead, track down the Thrillist boys to their nefarious lair, and ask them a few questions. They cleverly dodged most of them, but we did learn a few things:

Who are you, Thrillist? from your newsletter we get the sense that you like the ladies-- but what makes you really tick?

Damn right we like the ladies. When it comes to nailing women, we're the biggest swinging dicks in this whole town. Except that two of us have girlfriends, and the other one's a virgin.

You guys have been described as "Daily Candy for men." isn't that sort of like tampons for men?

If by "tampon" you mean an ingenious product that, when used properly, can prevent a public shaming, then yes, that's pretty accurate. That is what you mean, right?

No seriously-- all the men we know care about three things: sex, food, and sleeping. after you exhaust those three subjects, what do you do?

Dream about having sex with a pizza.

One of the girls we know describes your style as "hipster misogyny"-- she says there's a real undercurrent of women-hatred in your stuff (ie. this and this)-- does she have a point, or is she just a dumb cunt?


What's your position on metrosexualism? Have you ever had your ass waxed? And where do you get it waxed?

Metrosexualism is dead. It's all about ubersexualism these days. As for ass waxing, we're currently in between services. The last dude we used knocked us out with chloroform and tore out every last one of our pubes. Do you know anyone who's trustworthy and gentle?

Thrillist seems cleverly designed to thrust itself into a number of metro areas-- where are you going next, and when?

Well, we've been thinking about LA, Dallas, and possibly the butt.

What's your favorite subway line?

The 7. Eric "Badlands" Booker, who's only like one of the best competitive eaters ever, is a driver on that line. But mostly we prefer traveling by armored Segway.

NYC question: what are the best/worst gentrification trends?

Gentrification? Manhattan is still pretty dangerous, as far as we're concerned. Just the other night, our writer was walking out of Fiddlesticks, tripped on the curb and fell on his face. He walked in the next day looking like total shit. Fuck is he ugly. And fat.

What's the ultimate Thrillist hangout?

When we're free-balling in cut-off jean-shorts, and people are looking at us saying, "Damn, is that guy's scro' hanging out?"