Soon we'll be out of the summer television slump (ahem, True Blood) and into the fruitful fall, which brings Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, and Bored To Death, amongst others. But let's focus on those three, which all have season trailers out now.

Earlier this year we visited the set of Bored To Death, which will start airing again on Monday, October 10th. Check out their Season 3 trailer, which gives us a lot of ideas about how to make Coney Island more fun (martinis!):

It's hard to beat Dexter's fourth season, which featured John Lithgow as... we won't spoil it if you haven't seen it (but see it, it's really good!). Last season, the fifth, Julia Stiles came on board, and this upcoming season include guest stars Edward James Olmos, Mos Def, and Colin Hanks. And it's lookin' good. A lengthy trailer is below, and the show's sixth season will start airing on October 2nd:

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO on Sunday, September 25th. When not filming at their Greenpoint boardwalk, the cast and crew have been spotted at the old Gage and Tollner, mingling about fancy old cars in Brooklyn, bringing old school style back to the streets of New York. But we can't wait to see their scenes from the Commandant's house.