Last night, girl rap group Fannypack, whose song Cameltoe has been rocking the dancefloors (Is your crotch hungry girl?/ Cause it’s eating your pants) played their first show at a party for Japanese (but based in NY) magazine Tokion at Joe's Pub. As their website said, Joe's Pub "holds 180 people and over 1000 have rsvp'ed." Gothamist saw the remaining 820 on line outside.

Gothamist's friend invited us along to check out the Japanese hipsters as well as new wave of girl groups, but as the line was immovable, we decided to have a few drinks at basically the opposite of a Japanese-magazine-party-with-special-musical-guests-Fannypack: the Bleecker Street Bar.

By the time we made it to Joe's Pub, the Fannypack posse had cleared out, but we did see this postcard from the group, then went home to chill out to their tough rhymes and hilarious lyrics (yes, they're on the website).

Fannypack card

Gothamist on the phenomenon of Cameltoe.