We Are Family If you're an intense professional in a movie or sitcom, watch out. Because a relative will die, leaving to you care for their children (via some tragic incident). But at least comic antics will ensue. Last week, Kate Hudson agreed to star in a movie called Raising Helen, about a rising professional who suddenly inherits her sister's three children, when her sister dies. Today, it was announced that Lori Loughlin would star in a WB showabout a woman who inherits her sister's kids after the sister dies. Hmm. One of the best comedies on air now, The Bernie Mac Show, is about a man who takes care of his sister's three kids, because his sister is a crack addict. Other movies with a similar theme: Mostly Martha (sister dies, intense chef inherits her niece), Baby Boom (distant relatives die, leaving intense career woman to inherit baby girl), Evening Star (daughter dies, leaving intense grandmother to inherit three children), and countless others.